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What Does It Mean to Give Your Child to God?
What Does It Mean to Give Your Child to God?
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Author:  Dr. Clarence Sexton
Format:  paperback
ISBN:  n/a
Pages:  20
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Giving a child to God means to desire what the Lord desires for that child. Holding on to children is a difficult thing, but in order to give a child in God, we must take our hands off and turn them loose for Godís will and purpose. This is to continue all of their lives as we honestly and sincerely believe that Godís will and way is best for our children.

Of course, we feel very possessive of our children. This is a natural instinct that God puts into the heart of a parent. We have a caring, loving feeling that is quite natural and necessary, but we must remember that we are to be rearing them for someone else. We are rearing them for Christ and for the mates they will meet and marry someday.

They are ours, but they are only ours to rear. They are placed into our care and keeping only for a while, although we continue the parent-child relationship throughout the years. Giving our children to God may begin with a simple act of dedication, but it must become a continuous act of surrendering them to the will of God all the days of their lives.

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